How to make a million dollars?

How to make a million dollars?

Surprising yet so subtle is the manner in which this title grabs your attention and entertains your enthusiasm as it did of numerous other individuals who came across this article. As a society, all of us are well-acquainted with the titled question ever since the history of materialism. We do ask the question, not explicitly but to ourselves, only to find unsatisfactory answers or, if you’re lucky enough, vague answers. Behold, to your amazing luck, theorists have ironically found the most practically precise solution to this popular equation. The secrecy of the solution lies in the rarity of its adoption, as unbelievable as it is going to sound the authenticity has been proven through live analysis of the success-affected businesses adopting the expertly equated methods.

Without further ado, let’s get into the steps towards profiting your business to the extent of your adopted efforts. The first and the foremost factor that needs due recognition in pursuit of making a million dollars in sales is making your business “dynamic”. So, what an entrepreneur needs to learn is that their business should basically be a slave of the market, functioning as the market commands, in order to develop the potential to command the market itself. While the model or the functionality of your business may exactly match the “culture” of the market, it is extremely vital for your business model to be purely prone to any changes in the culture that might occur for foreseen or unforeseen reasons. The ideology behind using the word culture is the fashion of the market; the ideas, the customs, and the social behavior. It is likely that at any point in time you may have the functionality that accurately favors the culture, hence allowing smooth sales, nevertheless, important it is to note that the successful model is only successful for that specific time as the market culture is evolving at regular intervals and not written in stone. So if you, impressed by the time-being success of your business functionality, choose to write it in stone, well then the other method your business could use to make a million dollars is “miracle”. Inventory takes its time to sell, in essence, reaching the benchmark of a turnover worth a million dollars or above is going to involve a certain amount of time, allowing room for changes in the market.  XYZ traders may well be on their way in making a million dollars but during that period, if only they also actively monitor the market and analyze any changes that might occur to account for these in their business model, would they be able to reach their destination. Not being dynamic can bring even the monopolists to their knees, as proven time and time again.


Rooting for you to have accurately acquired the understanding of the first method, let’s move on to the next. This method pertains to the heart or the core of your million dollars: the product. You can use resources to produce anything as far as the imagination grows, however, there are three measures that need to be applied eventually to whatever you are choosing to produce. Firstly and significantly, your product can be absolutely traditional in its true sense but the consumer’s perception of it must hint at innovation, this can be accounted for in the design, the functionality, or the features. Secondly, if you aim at making your product your cash cow it is also essential that your product is crafted in a way that it is just in its time, neither should your product be a worn-out bygone nor should it be excessively revolutionary, it needs to be optimized sensitively to its time. Thirdly, as obvious as it is, your product needs to account for uniqueness as well while strictly adhering to the aforementioned parameters. Lastly, your product should have “value for money”, while ensuring an absolute realization thereof at the consumer’s end. This “value for money” can be in the form of functions, durability, after-service, or merely its utility but emphasizing again that this needs to be preached to the consumer as well. Having followed these instructions consider your product approved by the customer.

By now you have either lost interest or are more motivated than ever in reaching the milestone in question, farewell if the former applies to you. As for the future millionaires, once the product has been adequately taken care of what you’ll be needed to focus on is the most vital factor consisting in the image of the product and hence a major point of interest to the customer, the packaging. While it is alright for your product to be very basic or simple, the packaging ought to be as stylishly fancy and attractive as possible, while also maintaining the highest possible quality standards. You should definitely go for cheap product boxes but cheap in cost not the quality of the packaging, while it was an insoluble dilemma the rise in competition in the packaging industry has minimized the cost, allowing high-end product packaging services at cheap prices. So, once you’ve chosen your product packaging manufacturer to provide you with the packaging you need, you need to responsibly make sure that the packaging is optimized with the product attracting the highest volume of consumers it possibly could. If we consider the clothes on a human body, we do not wear plain sheets to cover ourselves but rather choose the most stylish and fanciest of clothes which radiate our person’s beauty similar is the notion for a product’s packaging. So choose the best clothes for your product if you aim to capture a fortune of million dollars.

Successively, your business would be needed to follow the next-in-line instruction to earn a million dollars which is to determine the target market and effectively communicate with that group regarding your product. The target market is comprised of individuals who have the potential to develop a need for your product. Hence through thorough research, your organization needs to recognize the type of individuals to whom your product can provide, even negligible, utility. Once the business is aware of the kind of people who have the tendency to consume what it is selling, the business needs to immediately transform its efforts in a manner that would aid in effectively communicating with these people. The gist of “effectively communicating” is precisely advertising to the target market. The strategy of the marketing should be based on one single aim; the consumer should be excessively “hinted” towards believing that their tendency to consume your product is the utmost priority, and it is a proven fact that if a consumer cannot think about it he/she just buys it. Effective communication also includes preaching the product’s value for money to the customer.

At this point of the article, the writer congratulates you for subconsciously and consciously gaining the answer to the most popular yet unresolved equation. One could deeply understand the concept of this article and adopt it in the functionality of their business activity if there was a genuine urge to get those million dollars into the pocket, or just stash it away in their box of  “could’ve been”. The key, in the most literal and practical sense, to the treasure of your desired income lies in your capability of execution.